Research Interests



Robert Allen

digital humanities | American cultural history | family history

Gabrielle A. Berlinger

material culture | ritual | jewish folklore & ethnology | ethnography | public folklore | museum anthropology

Daniel M. Cobb

American Indian and Indigenous Studies | American Indian history | politics and activism | ethnohistorical methods | biography and memory | global indigenous rights

Elizabeth Engelhardt

Southern cultures | food | Appalachia | feminism | literature | region and place

Marcie Cohen Ferris

southern Jewish history | food studies | southern studies

Ben Frey Bio Pic

Benjamin E. Frey

sociolinguistics | language shift | Cherokee language

Bernard Herman

material and visual culture | folklore and folklife | cultures of the American South | vernacular art

Glenn Hinson

public folklore | ethnography | African American expressive culture | American South

Sharon P. Holland

critical race theory | feminist theory | queer theory | sexuality studies | animal studies

Seth Kotch

digital humanities | modern south | oral history | criminal and social justice

Timothy Marr

Nineteenth-Century American literary and cultural history | Transnational American Studies | religion in American culture | Islam in/and America | Herman Melville

Keith Richotte, Jr.

American Indian law and policy | legal history | constitutionalism

Michelle Robinson

19th and 20th century U.S. religious history | 19th and 20th century American literature | U.S. cinema

Patricia Sawin

narrative | discourse | festival | culture of adoption

Jenny Tone-Pah-Hote

American Indian and Indigenous Studies | American Indian history | expressive and material culture

Rachel Willis

global American Studies | transportation planning | labor economics | service-learning, experiential and higher education



Daniel Anderson, English & Comparative Literature
William L. Andrews, English & Comparative Literature
Fitzhugh Brundage, History
Maggie Cao, Art & Art History
Claude Clegg, African American & Diaspora Studies, and History
Maria DeGuzman, English & Comparative Literature
Kathleen DuVal, History
William R. Ferris, History, the Center for the Study of the American South, and Folklore
Bryan Giemza, Southern Historical Collection
Lawrence Grossberg, Communication Studies
Philip F. Gura, English & Comparative Literature
Amy Hertel, American Indian Center
Jennifer Ho, English
Malinda Maynor Lowery, History
Jocelyn Neal, Music and Folklore
Michael Palm, Communication Studies
Della Pollock, Communication Studies
Eliza Richards, English & Comparative Literature
Katherine Roberts, Center for the Study of the American South
Robyn Schroeder, Humanities for the Public Good
Rachel F. Seidman, Center for the Study of the American South
William Sturkey, History
Jane Thrailkill, English & Comparative Literature
Tim Tyson, Center for Documentary Studies-Duke
Harry Watson, History

Retired Professors

Peter Filene
Jacquelyn Hall
John Kasson
Joy Kasson
Townsend Ludington
Daniel Patterson
Theda Perdue
Charles Zug