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Why choose an American Indian and Indigenous Studies major or minor at the University of North Carolina?

The American Indian and Indigenous Studies major and minor cultivate exceptional interdisciplinary research and writing skills and an acute understanding of issues involving cross-cultural interaction, diversity, globalization, art and social justice. Our students earn a foundation in the liberal arts that is the hallmark of any major in the Humanities and valued by employers.

Majors and minors in AIIS have secured internships with the federal government and National Congress American Indians, pursued graduate training in law, public health, and history, and have explored professions relating to multicultural student affairs and global health.

As an AIIS student at UNC you will be taught by faculty leading the field of Indigenous studies, have access to robust libraries, and be a part of one of the nation’s leading public universities.

North Carolina is home to the largest American Indian population east of the Mississippi River–over 122,000 persons. Carolina AIIS takes seriously its goal to educate UNC’s students about the region’s rich Indigenous past and present. To learn more about Native North Carolina, we invite you to visit the websites of UNC’s American Indian Center and the North Carolina Commission on Indian Affairs.

Please see our American Indian and Indigenous Studies major concentration requirements, American Indian and Indigenous Studies minor requirements, and Undergraduate Admissions pages.