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Contact Information

Greenlaw Hall 529, CB #3520
University of North Carolina
Chapel Hill, NC 27599-3520


Ph.D., American and New England Studies Program, Boston University, 2010.
M.T.S., Harvard Divinity School, 2004.
A.B., English and American Language and Literature, Harvard University, 2001.

Recent Publications

Dreams for Dead Bodies: Blackness, Labor and the Corpus of Detective Fiction. University of Michigan Press, Class and Culture Series. 2016.

Courses Taught

AAMST201. Literary Approaches to American Studies
AMST225. The Ethics of Stand-Up Comedy
AMST256. Anti-’50s: Voices of a Counter Decade
AMST365. Women and Detective Fiction, from Violet Strange to Veronica Mars
AMST371. LGTBQ Fiction and Film from 1950 to the present
AMST392. Radical Communities in Twentieth-Century U.S. Religious History
AMST483. Seeing the U.S.A: The Film Director as Public Intellectual
AMST700. The History and Practices of American Studies