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Sharon Holland | Chair, American Studies
919-962-5481 | Greenlaw 211
Patricia Sawin | Associate Chair, American Studies 326 Greenlaw
Seth Kotch | Director of Graduate Studies
Greenlaw 228
Gabby Berlinger Bio PicGabrielle Berlinger | Director of Undergraduate Studies
Greenlaw 515
Jennifer Washington | Associate Chair for Business Operations
919-962-5483 | Greenlaw 210

Oversees the fiscal and personnel management for the department. Directs hiring, recruitment, human resources, scheduling, budgeting, & project management as well as day to day functions for the Department.
Cheryl Siler-Jones | Business Services Coordinator
919-962-6248 | Greenlaw 208

Oversees the Student Services Team (Graduate Student Services Manager, Departmental Registrar and Undergraduate Student Services Manager, Departmental Program Coordinators for Creative Writing, Writing Program, HHIVE Lab, LMC, Latino/a Studies, etc). Oversees hiring of all SHRA and EHRA student hiring; TIM Administrator; assist Associate Chair of Business Operations
with all matters, helps with human resources, direct hiring, recruitment, scheduling, budgeting, & project management, as well as day-to-day functions for the Department.
Richard A. Taylor | Office Manager
919-962-2312| Greenlaw 204
Hours: 7:30 am-4:30 pm

Oversees front office operations, manages Work-Study students, as well
as, assists Business Officer with building management, project management, and various day-to-day functions of the Department.
Robin Samuels | Accountant
919-843-9676 | Greenlaw 207-B
Hours: 8:00 am-6:30 pm, Mon-Thurs

Oversees reimbursements (research, travel, & recruitment), coordinates travel & events, accounting & budgeting for the Department.
Bonnie Williams | Creative Writing and Honors Program Coordinator, Coordinator for the Writing Program; Literature, Medicine, and Culture MA Program; and Latino/a Studies Minor Program
919-962-4000 | 203 Greenlaw

Serves as the Creative Writing Program and Honors Program Coordinator for the English and Comparative Literature Department. Coordinate the Teaching Fellow assignment process for ENGL 105 and 105i each academic term, manage the Writing Program listserv, assist with the LMC graduate program and the Latino/a Studies Undergraduate Minor program.
Linda Horne | Accounting Associate
919-962-1055 | Greenlaw 202
Hours: 7:30am-12:30pm, Tues-Fri

Handles reimbursements (research, travel, & recruitment), coordinates travel & events for the Department.
Student Services

For information or questions from the Graduate Student Services Manager’s Office, please email: Greenlaw Graduate Studies Office at:”
Blair Killian Executive Associate to the Chairs Event Coordinator 919-962-4061 | Greenlaw 202
Executive Associate to the Chair of English & Comparative Literature and the Events Coordinator for the Department. Duties include performing and consulting on scheduling, planning guidelines for new events, events coordination, budgeting, project management, and communications.