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The University’s College of Arts and Sciences has featured a video about the work of the Digital Innovation Lab on Digital Loray. Watch out for cameos from Post-doctoral Scholar and Historian In Residence at the Loray Mill, Julie Davis, Professor Robert Allen, Ph.D. Candidate Elijah Gaddis, undergraduate student, Karen Sieber, and Ph.D. students Mattea Sanders and Charlotte Fryar.

From the College of Arts and Sciences: “When Gastonia’s iconic Loray/Firestone mill was being redeveloped, UNC’s Digital Innovation Lab was on hand to help preserve and present the history of the mill and the people associated with it.

Digital Loray is the largest digital humanities project ever undertaken by the University, and comprises a digital and site-based public history project that documents and interprets the complex history of the mill and the surrounding village.”

Thanks to Kristen Chavez for documenting our work!

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