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People sit in a circle for a round table discussion, the Ethics of Listening. Danielle Dulken, American Studies PhD Candidate, co-led the conversation.

American Studies PhD Candidates, Folklore Masters Alumna, and  undergraduates majoring in American Studies and American Indian and Indigenous Studies represented the department at the Oral History Association annual conference at Concordia University in Montreal last week to speak to the theme “Oral History in Challenging Times.

Danielle Dulken, PhD Candidate and pictured above, spoke on “The Ethics of Listening,” a roundtable panel discussing the ethics of listening practices in oral history.

Charlotte Fryar, PhD Candidate, created a roundtable to present papers on activism and university archives entitled, “Benefits and Biases of Activist-Centered Institutional Oral Histories,” and spoke alongside Rose Campbell of Regis University and Jaycie Vos of University of Northern Iowa an alumna of the Masters of Folklore program.

Undergraduate students Blake Hite (Anthropolgy & American Indian and Indigenous Studies), Lily Lou (American Studies & Computer Science), Kimberly Oliver (History & Anthropology), Emma Miller (History & Public Policy), and Mina Yakubu (Political Science & African, African American and Diaspora Studies) presented their research on American Indian Activism at UNC. Some of their narrators included American Studies core and affiliated faculty.

Thanks to Danielle Dulken for providing images and more information about the Department’s representation at the conference!

Undergraduates Blake Hite, Lily Lou, Kimberly Oliver, Emma Miller, and Mina Yakubu in front of their poster.
Charlotle Fryar and Jaycie Vos at a desk.


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