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The coronavirus crisis has resulted in major shifts within all of our lives, unfortunately including the delay of graduation celebrations and ceremonies for college seniors. While we may not be able to celebrate in person, our “Celebrating AMST Seniors” series is dedicated to recognizing and congratulating seniors graduating with majors in American Studies for their accomplishes and sharing what they appreciated about the major during their time at UNC.

Q: What are your majors and minors?

A: Southern Studies; Creative Writing

Q: What has been your favorite course or professor in American Studies?

A: Material Culture of the South with Marcie Cohen Ferris!

Q: What has been your favorite book and/or reading from an American Studies course?

A: A Streetcar Named Desire by Tennessee Williams.

Q: What do you wish people knew about American Studies?

A: It’s so ideological and fluid that there are so many ways to approach every topic. This means that everyone can find something interesting!

Q: How has studying American Studies affected your understanding of life in America, or what has your biggest takeaway from your time in American Studies been?

A: It reminds me to dig deeper. It makes everyday life so much more fascinating when you remember how much detail, history, and intention are beneath the surface.

Q: How do you hope to apply your studies in American Studies professionally?

A: I would love to write historical fiction one day, or be a historical advisor on a movie set!

Q: Why should students pursue a major or minor in American Studies?

A: It gives you so much insight into the “regular” parts of American life. It take the daily routines, material culture, and entertainment of the American people and combs through it to see how they reflect the things we value or love. It’s so eye-opening.

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