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Graduate Student Information
Alexandra Sutton Lawrence
Pronoun: (She/Her)
Degrees obtained: 2017, PhD Environment, Duke University; 2009, M.S. Wildlife & Fisheries Sciences, Texas A&M University, 2007, BS Biology, Howard University
Keywords of Study: Afro-Indigenous, American Indian, Native American, Aframerindian, African American, Afro-Native, Black and Native Studies
Personal Website:
Amy Grossmann
Pronoun: (--/--)
Degrees obtained: 1997, BA Music / Mathematics, SUNY Geneseo; 2005, MA Arts Management, American University
Keywords of Study: public folklore, festivals
LinkedIn Profile:
Anna Hamilton
Pronoun: (She, Her, Hers )
Degrees obtained: BA Humanities, New College of Florida; MA Southern Studies, University of Mississippi
Keywords of Study: Environmental Humanities, Climate Crisis, Hurricanes, Place-Making, Oral History, Foodways, American South
Ari Green
Pronoun: (She/Her) 2016, BA History, California State University, Sacramento; 2020, MA Public History, California State University, Sacramento;
Keywords of Study: African American Urban History, Race and Space, Displacement, Gentrification, Community-Based Research, Historic Preservation
Arielle Smith
Pronoun: (She/Her)
Degrees obtained: 2023, MA Folklore, University of North Carolina. 2012, BA Africana Women Studies, Bennett College for Women
Keywords of Study: African Diaspora, Folk Studies
Brittany Monique Marea Hutchinson
Pronoun: (She/Her/His )
Degrees obtained: 2009, BA Anthropology, Wayne State University; 2014, MA Museum Studies, Morgan State University
Keywords of Study: African American History, African American Cultural Expression, Museums, Late 20th Century Popular Culture, Material Culture, Historical Archaeology, Black Feminist Theory, Great Migration
Dana Mulligan
Pronouns: she/her
Degrees Obtained:  2020, B.S. Crop and Soil Environmental Sciences, Virginia Tech
Email Address:
Keywords of Study: Appalachia, agriculture, food security, queer theory, climate change, folklore
Elizabeth Manekin
Emily McDonnell (Citizen of the Navajo Nation)
Pronoun: (She/Her/Hers)
Degrees obtained: B.S. with minor in American Indian Studies (University of Arizona) M.P.A. (Arizona State University)
Keywords of Study: American Indian/Indigenous Studies (AIIS), Cultural and Political Geography, Collective Memory, Cultural Tourism, Heritage Sites, National Parks, Contemporary Indigenous Identity (U.S. and Central America)
Frankie Bauer
Pronoun: (He/Him/His)
Degrees obtained: 2015, BA History, Middle Georgia State University; 2018, MA Cherokee Studies/History, Western Carolina University
Keywords of Study: American Indian & Indigenous Studies, Intertribal Diplomacy, Cherokee History, Early Nineteenth Century History
Irene Newman
Pronoun: (She/Her)
Degrees obtained: BA American Studies and Peace, War & Defense, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; 2021, MA American Studies, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Keywords of Study: Violence, white power organizing, southern studies, late 20th century
Kimber Heinz
Pronoun: (She/Her and They/Them)
Degrees obtained: MA, Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies and MA, History/Museum Studies, UNC Greensboro
Keywords of Study: Carceral studies, public history, US social movements, feminism, Southern violence, antimilitarism, Critical Ethnic Studies, nonviolence
Personal Website: LinkedIn:
Lauren Rekhelman
Pronouns: she/her
Degrees Obtained: 2017, BA Theater, Whitman College
Email Address:

Keywords of Study: Memory Studies, Jewish Folklore, Oral History, Performance
Melody Hunter-Pillion
Pronoun: (She/Her and Hers)
Degrees obtained: M.A. Liberal Studies, Duke University; B.A. Communication, North Carolina State University
Keywords of Study: Oral history, African American Cultural Traditions, Atlantic World Slavery, Climate Change
Miquell Shaw
Pronoun: (He/Him/His)
Degrees obtained: BA Interdisciplinary Studies, University of Richmond
Keywords of Study: Black Philosophical Thought, Existentialist Literature/Thought, Anti-Blackness, Coloniality
Paige McClure (Citizen of the Seminole Nation of Oklahoma)
Pronouns: She/They
Degrees Obtained:
BA History with a Minor in Public History, University of Northern Iowa University
Email Address: Keywords of Study: Indigenous Studies, 20th Century, Digital Humanities
Rebecca Bernstein
Pronouns: She/Her
Degrees Obtained: 2009, BA Dramatic Art, (Minors: Creative Writing, Folklore), University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Keywords of Study: Environmental folklore, narrative, archives
Sara Graybeal
Pronoun: (She/Her)
Degrees obtained: 2010, BA Anthropology, Macalester College; 2020, MFA Fiction, UNC-Greensboro
Keywords of Study: race, class, gender, environment, American South
Personal Website:
Sarah Torgeson
Pronoun: (She/Her)
Degrees obtained: 2014, BA History, Yale University; 2020, MA American Studies, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Keywords of Study: Critical disaster studies, U.S. Gulf South environmental history, oral history, hurricanes, memorial landscapes
Shannon Wheeler
Pronoun: (--/--)
Degrees obtained: Masters at the University of Alabama
Simiyha Garrison
Pronoun: (She/Her )
Degrees obtained: BA Africana Studies, Winston-Salem State University. BA, History Winston-Salem State University. Masters of Heritage Studies & Public History
Keywords of Study: Foodways, Space, & Race
Spencer George
Pronoun: (She/Her)
Degrees obtained: B.A., Barnard College, English and Human Rights, concentration in Creative Writing
Keywords of Study: Rural Artistry, Narrative Practice, Community Theory, the American South, Storytelling and Representation
Personal Website:
LinkedIn: LinkedIn:
Susie Penman
Pronoun: (She/Her)
Degrees Obtained: 2007, B.A. Journalism, University of Mississippi; 2012 M.A. Southern Studies, University of Mississippi; 2018 M.F.A. Documentary Expression, University of Mississippi
Email: Keywords of Study: New Orleans, politics, law, incarceration
Tony Royle
Pronoun: (He/Him/His )
Degrees obtained: 2015 BA History, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; 2015 BA Romance Languages- Italian, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; 2017 MA American Studies, Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg
Keywords of Study: Blackness, Film and Media, Science-Fiction/Fantasy/Superheroes, Transnationalism, Youth Resistance
Zachary Faircloth
Pronoun: (He/Him)
Degrees obtained: 2018, BA Asian and Middle Eastern Studies, Duke University; 2020, MA Religious Studies, University of Florida
Keywords of Study: race; place; culture; material; vernacular; South