International and Comparative American Studies

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By invoking the terms “international” and “comparative” in association with American Studies, we do not mark a separate sub-field but map the reach of American cultures across political and geographical boundaries and through myriad exchanges and intersections. We encourage an engagement with “the global” that extends from the local and regional to the national and trans-national, and back again. We aim to situate the study of American culture in relation to both the recent effects of globalization and in recognition of the always-global character of “America.”

Ph.D. students engage with international and comparative American Studies across their course work in the field, through opportunities to expand their understanding of the “place” of America in the world in other departments, in their selection of topics for further research, and in their interactions with American Studies scholars and students at leading programs around the world.  The Department of American Studies actively pursues opportunities to collaborate with other programs around the world. Our graduate students can take advantage of a growing set of exchange and cooperation agreements with international American Studies programs, including the University of SydneyUniversity of Nottingham, and the University of Tübingen.